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Swisspresence Ltd. has been awarded Best Luxury Boutique RE Investment Consultancy in Switzerland.

Our Team is proud to announce the Luxury Lifestyle Award 2023 received as Best Luxury Boutique Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Switzerland. Our Extended Family Office Services helps to relocate to Lugano. We are in the Real Estate local market since 1968.

Why is relocating to the Lugano region a great choice?

SAFETY Thanks to a political international agenda based on neutrality instead of aggression, Switzerland is one of the safest places to live. Pure alpine air, the best medicine, and Pharma, multicultural environment in the heart of Europe (but outside the EU). CULTURAL AND LUXURY LIFESTYLE Not only Lugano is a vibrant and elegant small city but being very close to Milan city, 1h by train or car from Lugano, it gives a unique choice of events and venues all year long.

KIDS HEAVEN Some of the finest international schools are based in Switzerland: starting from may be the best High School and statistically, the easiest entry pass to all major Universities in the world for your kids. Our Polytechnics in Zurich ETH and Lausanne EPFL are regularly in the Top 10 in the world. Milan’s BOCCONI UNIVERSITY is one of the best Economy Universities in Europe and it is only 1h away. TAX OPTIMISATION We can help you to move your fiscal residence to Lugano and you will be able to make a deal with local authorities fixing a certain amount of global taxation (usually over CHF 200K/y) not depending on your real income worldwide; therefore, the higher the better and sky is the limit. CONNECTIONS The international HUB of Milan Malpensa (MXP) is 45 minutes from Lugano by car. You can fly directly to Lugano airport (LUG) with your private jet. And Lugano is only 2h by train from Zurich. PERSONALISED ATTENTION TO DETAILS AND NEEDS Solution-oriented minds at your service. We focus on you! PROFESSIONAL NETWORK AT YOUR SERVICE You can trust our professional network of Notaries, Lawyers and Bankers. OFFICE's LOCATION In the residential village of Muzzano, near Lugano downtown but also the airport LUG and TASIS, with private parking. Discretion is a must for our clients. A very comfortable place where to start discovering the Lugano area. Write to me for organising a meeting, virtually or even better in person. Massimo D'Onofrio, ceo

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